So...about the Mains wedding...

Abby was actually the winner of my first “Tiktok giveaway”, where I gifted someone 50% off of a wedding package!!! Little did I know that only a few weeks earlier, I had connected with her twin sister Anna, who is also a photographer! We had chatted about how similar our lives were—we both got married young, our dogs are twins, our husbands are exactly the get the point. Once I posted the giveaway winner, I got a message from Anna saying “oh my gosh NO WAY! My sister won your giveaway!!!” What a small world!!!

Okay. Second thing. This wedding felt so much like my own. If you guys didn’t know, my wedding day was filled with thunderstorms and rain all morning. I literally prayed SO. HARD. that I’d still be able to have the wedding I had envisioned...and my man Jesus pulled through (of course!)

Same thing happened on this beautiful June afternoon. We were planning to have the ceremony indoors, because it was DOWN POURING...and then 5 minutes before go time the rain stopped and Abby looked at me and said “let’s do it outside!!!” And the rain never came back the whole day.

I’m so thankful that I got to be such a big part of Abby and Bryan’s wedding day! Forever will hold a little special piece of my heart